Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Apple Rabdi

Rabdi is a dish made from milk which is boiled and reduced till half or less in a thick bottom pan with continuous stirring. Almost similar to our paal gova but not removed from fire before reaching that stage. And its served in various forms and with various accompaniments.
Rabdi made with yellow pumpkin, with rose essence, mango rabdi, and is also served just like that, or as a side dish with Malpuas, Jalebis, Jelly, Fruits etc etc.....
The list is exhaustive... Try this one, simple to make and tasty to eat...

3 Apples medium sized
1 litre Full cream milk
4 Tbsp Sugar
¼ tsp Elaichi powder
8 Almonds (blanched)
10 Pista
Few Saffron strands
Take a thick bottomed pan, add milk and boil, reduce flame and keep stirring till it reduces to half. Add sugar, 2 grated apples and mix. Cook for 4-5 mts. Add elaichi powder. Cool till it reaches room temperature.Serve in bowls garnished with slivered almonds, pista and apple slices.

Health Conscious people can use toned milk instead of full cream milk and sugar free instead of sugar. You can peel the apples and grate them, but i kept them while grating to keep the fibre content intact.

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