Monday, December 14, 2009

Homemade chocolates

Chocolates, all time favourites for anyone.... We buy them all round the year, whether our indian brands or the foreign versions. The melt in the mouth feeling makes chocolate a must have at any given point of time....

So how about making them at home and giving in to your guilt trips once in a while???


1 bar White Chocolate compound
1 bar Dark Chocolate compound
Microwave safe bowl
Chocolate Mould
Wrapping paper


The compounds that i bought from store are the ready to eat ones, hence they are already sweet and don't need any extra sugar to be addedto it.
Take equal amounts of Dark and White chocolate in a microwave safe bowl, and heat for 2 minutes on high power. Check if it has melted and mixed properly. Cool a little and pour into the moulds. Remember not to over fill the moulds as they would not set properly then.
Keep in freezer for 15-20 minutes. Check, tap slightly from the back. The chocolates will fall off easily into a plate. Keep in fridge till all the batches are made. Wrap neatly in multi coloured wrappers readily available in markets and serve as and when required. Though i can guarantee that they wont last long!!!