Saturday, July 25, 2009

Christmas Plum Cake


1 cup Maida
½ cup Sugar for caramelizing
¼ cup Sugar
7 T Unsalted butter
2 inch Cinnamon
4 Cardamom
5 Cloves
¾ cup Fresh orange juice
1 tsp Vanilla essence
½ tsp Baking powder
1 tsp Baking soda
2 T Mixed fruit jam
¼ tsp Salt
50 g Raisins
¼ cup Fresh dates seedless
½ cup Walnut
½ cup Cashew
½ cup Tutti frutti


Take all dry fruits in a bowl. melt butter and add to it and mix well. Take 1 tbsp water and 0.5 cup sugar in a thick bottom pan and melt till it becomes brown in colour and caramelizes. Will take approx 10 mts. take care not to burn the caramel as it will make the cake bitter. Add to the fruits. Let it cool. Take all spices and dry grind to fine powder.Add jam, orange juice, 0.25 cup sugar, salt, spice mix, vanilla essence to the fruits mixture.Mix well. Seive maida, baking powder and soda in a seperate bowl and add to fruits mixture slowly. Mix well. Bake in microwave for 10-12 mts on high. Let it cool and cut and serve.

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